XCVI Wearables

For nearly 25 years, XCVI Wearables has continued to develop wearable, breathable, movable clothing for women who believe that style should not compromise comfort.

No gimmicks. No stunts or PR tricks. XCVI Wearables offers high quality, stylish clothing meant for busy schedules in the face of "I have five places to be in one hour" challenges.

Since 1996, XCVI Wearables has been designing styles that effortlessly complement your journey through the maze of life. Whether you've always been a fashionista, or you're just now discovering your sense of style - your clothes are your self expression. We design versatile clothes that you can fully live in, because they make you feel good.


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XCVI Wearables Long Oval Top
XCVI Wearables Burnout Heron Tee
XCVI Wearables Utility Cecil Jacket-White
XCVI Wearables Vince Burnout Tee
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